Love you or Love you not.

While there is no direct answer to the origin of the "❤" symbol; there are many theories. This symbol today is most known for romantic love or adoration for a person, place, or thing.

One of the theories is that the symbol came about from the Silphium plant. The seed of the Silphium plant resembled a heart-shape. According to the Wikipedia article on The Silphium plant, it had many uses such as a seasoning, perfume, and aphrodisiac, medicine as well a contraceptive.

My favorite theory is one of a Greece story that speaks of a young lady who had gone missing and believed to be mentally ill. On the day of her disappearance in the house that she occupied a picture of twin half-brother known as "Dioscuri" and silphium. It is said that she was using the silphium to her mental illness of "madness" of love. And so the symbol of the "❤" was born to symbolize a romantic madness of love.

In honor of Love and all its mysteries, click this heart  to take you to the bracelet.

Heart symbol

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