5 Piece - Green Tree Landscape Canvas Painting - Framed

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5 Piece Green Tree Landscape Canvas Painting - Framed

Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s the way to spice up your walls too. Break up a plain and drab wall, in a cost-effective way, with a variety of wall décor and wall art that brings your personality to life. 


  • UV/Water Resistant Material
  • Canvas is stapled to the frame 
  • Easy to hang on the wall

It's important to make sure your new canvas print fits perfectly on your wall.  Please measure your available wall space, then choose the size that will work best within that wall space. 

Panel Dimensions: 

Small: (2) Outer panels: 4" wide x 6” high, (2) Inner Side Panels: 4” wide x 8” high, Center Panel: 4” wide x 10” high. Overall Dimensions: 10" high x 20" wide. 

Medium: (2) Outer panels: 8" wide x 14” high, (2) Inner Side Panels: 8” wide x 18” high, Center Panel: 8” wide x 22” high. Overall Dimensions: 22" high x 40" wide. 

Large: (2) Outer panels: 12" wide x 16” high, (2) Inner Side Panels: 12” wide x 24” high, Center Panel: 12” wide x 32” high. Overall Dimensions: 32" high x 60" wide. 

X-Large: (2) Outer panels: 16" wide x 24” high, (2) Inner Side Panels: 16” wide x 32” high, Center Panel: 16” wide x 40” high. Overall Dimensions: 40" high x 80" wide. 

Cleaning & Care:

 To clean your canvas print, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use cleaning solutions, this could ruin your piece of artwork.

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